German band Daemonheim has recently released its third full length “Tidian”, a mesmerizing Black Metal album in which are merged many non conventional elements. Spellbound by this release, Hypnos Webzine has taken the opportunity to get in touch with b. to know something more about the band.

Hi b., welcome to Hypnos Webzine! Let’s start from the very beginning, in 1999. What can you tell us about the birth of the band and your story so far?

b.: Greetings and thank you for the possibility to introduce Daemonheim a little bit for the audience. Well, the birth of the band was nothing uncommon like other bands in that time or nowadays. I (in 1999 Daemonheim was still without TH) had some visions to put into Black Metal that I did not find in other bands and so Daemonheim was born. If you have the chance to listen to our first recordings you may understand what I am speaking of. In 2002 TH joined me and so a greater quality of sound and style was given to it. All this time we tried (and hopefully succeeded) to create an unique style of (Black Metal) music and art. We always tried to put the lyrics, the meaning behind Daemonheim, in an appropriate wall of sound.

As I’ve written in the review, your Black Metal with Death, Pagan and Progressive Avantgarde influences can somehow be related to what has been done by Dawn, Niden Div. 187 and Ephel Duath (to name the first bands that has come to my mind). Which are the bands and records that actually you think have been much more important to the evolution of your music?

b.: In one word we both can say that it were mostly the bands of the second wave of Black Metal in the middle of the 90ies that we have been influenced by. But also many Death Metal bands and bands of other styles (also outside of Metal). However we never tried to copy a style or tried to behave like one of these bands. The style we played all the time couldn’t be compared with other bands. Until now I’ve never read the same comparison by at least two persons that have heard us. The bands you mentioned I have heard the first time in comparison to Daemonheim.

Speaking about the album, the thing that I’ve appreciated the most is that all these influences come naturally into your songs, without giving the impression of being “divided” into episodes but rather emerging from time to time. What can you say about how songs come to life and how the songwriting process takes place?

b.: First of all the lyrical concept has to be done. This is required before the real songwriting process is able to be started. The content of a song is important in what way the music has to be done. Should be a fast and brutal one, it is needed that there have to be breaks to emphasize the lyrical theme, and so on. The main goal is to achieve a unit of music and content. That is a cause why our songs are much diversified in themselves and each one to another.

Do you think that “Tidian” allows you to express Daemonheim’s true essence at its best? Which song do you think can describe you better? Are you satisfied with the final result and how the album has been hailed?

b.: That is a difficult question. I for myself think that “Tidian” is our best and Progressive work so far. But in my mind it is a little bit too Progressive. Maybe the next one will be straighter and more Black than the former releases were. Every release shows in many points the essence of Daemonheim. It is not a song, a lyrical theme or such things. It is the entirety of everything. So there is no song of any release that would describe Daemonheim at its best. All releases in common are Daemonheim. Maybe the releases differ from each other but in the core it is all the same quintessence. We are really satisfied with final result. As I mentioned before it is our best release so far. It is another aspect and point of view. And it also finishes the mythological and lore themes that began with “Hexentanz”. Well if people like or dislike the album we don’t care. We never did. Daemonheim polarizes because we play a style that is without borders. One dislikes us because we are to less black, another loves the unique style we do, and so on. We don’t care about. We never changed our mind or style because of opinions of the audience and we will never do.

Is there a reason why “Tidian” has come out such a long time after your previous releases? What are the main differences between them and what hasn’t changed?

b.: The main cause was the lack of time for sure. It would be quite interesting how the release would sound if we had released it some years before. We changed a lot of equipment and so the sound improved. TH and me need a long time until we are totally satisfied with each song. And until that is not done no song and no album will be released. Every output of Daemonheim represented our best work so far at its release date. The way in which we are working together and writing the songs has really never changed. Maybe we are working at this time more together because our homes are quite near to themselves. This is an improvement and hopefully our next album will not take so much time again. But at the end it will take as much time as it will need to be again our best release so far.

At a lyrical level, what are the themes you like the most? Where does their inspiration come from?

b.: Every theme that is interesting, that concerns. There are also no lyrical limits. The first album was misanthropic and in some kind antichristian. “Hexentanz” and “Tidian” were a dedication to our homeland Harz and lore and mythological ones. The next one will slightly be in another way maybe (lyrical) a little bit backwards to our first album. Inspiration is all around us in every second you breathe, in every footstep you make. Let it grow and write it down.

As for your future proposals, have you already planned or written anything new? What shall we expect from your next album?

b.: Well, the lyrical concept and the lyrics itself are already written down since a few years. But what kind of music it will contain we are not sure. Nothing is decided yet. We will do a little bit of experiments and see (and hear) how it does work with the lyrics. But at the end it will be Daemonheim again for sure. In the core Black Metal with all the elements we have ever used (or not).

Since you are a duo, do you think there’ll be a chance to see Daemonheim in concert, or at least have you ever thought about it?

b.: Daemonheim has ever been a misanthropic band and so there is no need to demonstrate it on stage. There is nothing against live gigs and nothing against (Black) Metal Bands that do it. But we are not like other bands. It is no music for a drunken crowd. It would destroy the atmosphere and the way Daemonheim is. It is already a tightrope to release of course an album…

Thanks for your time. Last words are yours.

b.: Well, thanks for the interview and your support on Daemonheim! All the best for your zine! For further info just visit our website or follow us via facebook.

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