After the review of their interesting “The Lunatic Chapters Of Heavenly Creatures”, Hypnos Webzine is glad to meet South Korean band Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy and their Symphonic Black Metal.

Hi guys! Welcome to Hypnos Webzine! I would like to start this interview telling you that I consider your last release as one of the most interesting Symphonic Black album that I’ve listened since a couple of years. I hope also that the first feedbacks that you have received are good as mine.

Band: Hello! Hypnos Webzine! we are really happy to meet you.

Well, I’ve read that your monicker, Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy, is referred to the mirror used by Nostradamus to tell the future. Why did you choose this name and how it represent your music?

Band: The theme of Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy‘s music is the “Tragedy of modern humans”. We think we are living in a tragic society. As you know, Nostradamus is one of the most famous prophet who saw the tragic future through the mirror. So we made band’s name as Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy because we want to talk about our tragedy.

The band has more than ten years of activity, you started in 2003 if I’m not wrong, so would you like to tell your story to our readers?

Band: We were formed in 2003, M.Pneuma and Gash was original member, and we released the first album in 2005. We had a lot of playing in Korea, we released an album in 2009, an EP in 2010. And finally we released the greatest album, called “The Lunatic Chapters Of Heavenly Creatures” this year.

Speaking about “The Lunatic Chapters Of Heavenly Creatures”, in the review I’ve described your style as a mix of Dimmu Borgir’s Symphonic Black of “Spiritual Black Dimensions” and the eclecticism and the Baroque elements of Covenant’s “Nexus Polaris”. I don’t know if you agree with this opinion of mine, but how do you describe your music? What are your main influences?

Band: We like Dimmu Borgir, but didn’t try to make this album like Dimmu Borgir. We love all metal music and classic music, folk music. We just think this album contains these things.

Some arpeggios in “Virtuoso Of The Atmosphere” and “The Name Of Tragedy”, beside the elaborate parts played by Zyim, make me think that some of you have a strong classical background due to conservatory study. Is it true or this love for the Classic Music is strictly personal?

Band: Zyim is preparing for conservatory study now. She is a great player who can express own phrase style. Most of arpeggios of piano was made by M.Pneuma who is really inspired by Bach and Beethoven. The violinist, Arthenic is a scion of the most famous classic family in Korea. ConfyVerse, Gash and Reverof, they studied their own play in college. Senyt and M.Pneuma didn’t.

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy is a seven-pieces band, so it’s like a mini-orchestra. Is it complicated to compose music in this condition? How does the creation of a new song take place?

Band: Yes. We are so big family and really fastidious. After the recording, it took over 100 tracks, sometimes it took even 300 tracks. It is very hard work. Most songs were written by M. Pneuma, Senyt or Gash. And M. Pneuma arranged that with orchestration. After that, we play together and arranged it again.

I think that the best tracks of the album are “Dancing In The Burning Mirror”, “Virtuoso Of The Atmosphere” and “The Name Of Tragedy”, where an interesting female voice appears. What tracks do you think represent the essence of the band at its best?

Band: We love all the songs of the album. But the most one is “The Name Of Tragedy”. As for Korea fans, they like “Unwritten Symphony”. About “The Name Of Tragedy”, the female singer was the member of Ethereal Sin, Japanese Symphonic Black Metal Band. But she leaved the band. We really appreciated her singing. About other albums, we love “Angel’s Ascension” from our second album.

“The Lunatic Chapters Of Heavenly Creatures” has been released by italian label WormHoleDeath Records. How did you get in touch with this label? Are you satisfied with their work?

Band: WormHoleDeath Records is pretty kind and really good at work. They showed us their trust. While we were searching labels related with the bands we like, we had the chance to contact with them.

Since your previous full-lenght, “The Pregnant of Despair”, and excluding the EP “Under A Withered Branch”, almost five years have passed before “The Lunatic Chapters Of Heavenly Creatures”. Why such a long time? What have been the reasons for this long wait?

Band: In South Korea, there is no one who plays metal music. After the 2nd album, we wasted much time to find new Violinist and Pianist. And we need much time to make better songs.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to read the lyrics of the album, but looking at the title in which there’s the word “chapters”, it seems that there is a common theme that gathers all the tracks. Is this correct? Would you tell us something about the themes that you write in the lyrics?

Band: As the title “The Lunatic Chapters Of Heavenly Creatures”, it is story about the people who live in tragedy. Each song has the character kinda artist like dancer, composer, sculptor, astrologist, etc, and they all became crazy like the people who live in modern society. Someone lost future, someone held fast something even if they lost his humanity, someone was imprisoned in himself, someone fell into expansive delusion. They live in tragedy like us. They reflect us. This album is the story about our own tragedy as society.

I am a follower of the South Korean cinema, worshipping master Ki-Duk or Park Chan-Wook, just to mention the most important ones. What I have always liked in their cinema is their ability to tell delirious stories, but always using unexpected points of view. I have found this feature also in your music, that in some parts is also very cinematographic. So, are you influenced by your cinema and what are your favorite authors and movies?

Band: We are also big fans of Ki-Duk and Park Chan-Wook. They have many fans in Korea. “Bad Guy” (2001) of Ki-Duk and “Thirst” (2009) of Park Chan-Wook are the best. If you can catch the unexpected point from our music, maybe it will be our ethnicity. Hahah. We think Korean like cogitation and fantasy, fantasy is good medium of creation. well, we really like the movie “Landscape in the Mist” of Theodoros Angelopoulos.

Here in Italy, the South Korean metal scene is not very known. How is the situation for a metal band in your country? Is it easy to play live? Would you suggest us some bands worth to be discovered? Do you think there’ll ever be a chance to see you live in Europe?

Band: The Metal Scene of South Korea is very bad. We think South Korea is one of the worst country for Metal. Only few metal fans and few metal bands are enjoying Metal. But you can find the great band in Korea. We recommend the band Method; tThey are the best Korean Thrash Metal band. You must check them out. We always want to go to Europe. If there is a promoter who wants to call us, please tell me.

Well, this was the last question. Thank you very much for your availability! It’s usual for our zine to leave the end of the interview to the interviewed, so feel free to close in the way that you prefer.

Band: It was a pretty great interview, great time. We love this. We will release a split album on october with Japanese Symphonic Black Metal band Ethereal Sin, please check this out. Thank you Hypnos Webzine and thank you all metal heads. We hope to see you again. Keep metal.

Autore: KarmaKosmiK

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