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With its debut full length “Sinister Ceremonies”, spanish Death Metal band Domains has given birth to a crushing record that’s going to be one of the most impressive album of the year. Enchanted by this release, Hypnos Webzine has taken the opportunity to know something more about the band and its work. Here’s what vocalist and bassist David “Aggressor” has told us.

Hi David, welcome to Hypnos Webzine! First of all I wanna know your story so far. In particular, since Domains started playing in 2005, are there any reasons why you’ve released your first full-length after so much time?

David “Aggressor”: We started with a high and honorable premise, creating stuff able to break the shell of mediocre works so commonly released under the name of such noble genres as Black, Death, Satanic Metal. There’s a point when something inside on you takes command, leading you to create this more-than-music, if the impulse is strong enough, if there are guts and personality, things can go the right way, I honestly feel that we are at that point. The time span of our first full length… line-up problems, mundane disadvantages forcing us to delay all again and again, a very exhaustive and demanding recording process… but anyways, “Sinister Ceremonies” is here forever, and we will stand for it beyond our graves.

Listening to “Sinister Ceremonies”, it’s clear a sort of affinity with Morbid Angel. Are they actually your main influence or are there any other bands or records that you think have been important to the evolution of your sound?

David “Aggressor”: Well, their old material is surely one of our main influences, which by the way are rooted on many genres and styles I must say, but all of them with one common denominator: art as a key to transcend all that is mundane and not vice-versa. It’s curious because as of today, we have been compared with many old and not so old acts, from Angelcorpse to the old days of Immolation, Immortal, Mayhem… I will not hide the curious sensation that wakes in me when someone sees something of “Unholy Domain”, “Worship Him”, “Exterminate” or “Under a Funeral Moon” in what we do.

Speaking about the songwriting process, are those influences the starting point for your way of playing or do they come into your music naturally in a second time? Which song do you think can describe better the essence of Domains?

David “Aggressor”: As you suggest in the end of the first question, I can assure that if they come, it’s in a second time. The fact some bands started a song like this or that or had their orthodox method of composing/producing their music isn’t a good reason by itself for us to stand up from the sofa and make a song. A concrete mood brings a certain riff.. that is developed and beyond… then the rest “can” come alone. All of them, but I would say “Domains” is a very obvious one… isn’t it?

“Sinister Ceremonies” has been released almost five years after your debut demo “Towards Pleroma”; which are the main differences and the things in common between them?

David “Aggressor”: We perceive our first full length as more sinister, dark, cunning and definitively wider. “Towards Pleroma” was but a seed of what later became “Sinister Ceremonies”. They share the aggression, what increased from the demo to the full opus is the level of “darkness” and “coldness”.

From a lyrical point of view, which are the themes you like the most? Where does thier inspiration come from?

David “Aggressor”: Our artistic vision of Satanism and the Occult. As far as I am allowed to tell, sources vary from pure abstract reflection to the interpretation of some “deeds”. I am of course speaking for myself here.

As for your future proposals, would we have to wait once again a lot of time before you’ll release a new record? Have you already planned or written anything?

David “Aggressor”: There is not a specific answer of how long and when we will edit our next material. Above all, if it has to be edited, it must be because of its quality and evolutionary consistency (by this I mean that we are not satisfied trying to miserably redo ourselves over and over…pure stagnation). To see the light, it must have a justified place in this world. We do not believe in any firm rule stating that you must take a lot of time etc… we see that as a marketing technique, nothing of our interest. That said that, of course we will try to avoid having a large gap between our first and second full length, but we must prepare ourselves for any situation. Yes, definitely, we are working on new material, discarding things and keeping what sounds fresh and compelling, I must admit there is excitement about it within the core of the band. For now we’re making the new material, digging deeper and deeper into it on a process where the results actually inspire us to create more and complement it.. trying to reach the depths of all that we believe is and perceive as “dark”… but… wasn’t that just our main duty?

Have you had the opportunity to support the release of “Sinister Ceremonies” with any live shows? How would you describe your on stage dimension?

David “Aggressor”: Yes, very scarcely until now (something we are working on to change, but readers must keep in mind we are not looking to set up rock and roll shows, and with that rule all is very limited), we will see.. let’s hope we can announce something soon to the public. As for our on stage dimension, we see playing live as a very good chance for directness and rawness to have a more leading role in the execution of our songs. A different approach, and very effective if done all right. Fanaticism…

Thanks for your time. Last words are yours.

David “Aggressor”: First of all, my deepest words of support and appreciation for you and everyone involved in Hypnos Webzine. Let me also invite all your readers to discover Domains through “Sinister Ceremonies”, track by track, drop by drop. Darkness embrace us all… Hail Lucifer, no remorse.

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