INTERVISTA ENSHINE – Jari Lindholm & Sebastien Pierre (ENG)

“Origin” has been one of the most interesting debut-album of this 2013, and Hypnos Webzine can’t escape the opportunity to exchange a bunch of impressions together with the two members of Enshine, the Swedish guitar-player and composer Jari Lindholm and the French vocalist Sebastien Pierre.

Hi Enshine! Welcome to the virtual pages of Hypnos Webzine! Before starting with the first question of this interview, I want that you know that I consider “Origin” one of the most interesting debut album that I have listened this year.

Jari Lindohlm: Thanks for having us! Very pleased of course to hear you enjoy our works.

So, let’s start from “Origin”. After some months from its release, what kind of opinions have you obtained for your debut album? Are you satisfied of the final result?

Jari Lindohlm: It has been very good overall, at least looking at the reviews we have got so far. Only one or two less positive reviews that I have seen but you cannot satisfy everyones taste. Personally I think it turned out pretty much according to the vision. It is an album that can be listened to in different ways, either if you are looking for the aggressive energy and power or if you want it to be a dreamy journey, it can be both, and I am glad that many listeners seem to have picked up on these qualities in it as well as found their own meanings in it.

Make a step backward, can you tell us the birth of the Enshine project and how it is advanced. What is the origin of the name’s choice?

Jari Lindohlm: The name basically means “Illuminate” and it can refer to many things. We have some light related themes in the lyrics and it could for example refers to the journey into one´s own subconscious world in search for the light or awareness, connection to the self and the universe. The birth of Enshine starts in 2009 when I felt an urge to make some Melodic Doom / Death Metal, later I believe sometime in 2010 I came in contact with Seb via the internet as we found we had some similar musical ideas and we decided to make it a collaboration.

What were your main musical objectives that you wanted to obtain through Enshine’s band?

Jari Lindohlm: The objective is pretty simple. Just to make the best and most immersive music possible, one that envelopes the listener in it´s atmosphere and does not stray from that feeling until the album is over.

Talking about your influences, I suppose that Dan Swano and his most famous band Edge Of Sanity could be a good starting point to define the main stylist coordinates of Enshine, that is the interpreting a stout and rocky Death Metal with a lot of Progressive influences. What do you think about?

Jari Lindohlm: I think it is very likely you will find more of this on the second album, as I know Dan Swanö is a big influence for Seb, who has had a much bigger role in the songwriting this time. For me personally this infatuation for rocky doom/death stems much more from things like Katatonia´s “Brave Murder Day” that is for me a very style defining album. Also many of the progressive influences I would trace to Novembre and also Opeth to some degree, Opeth most notably for getting me into the style of playing riffs with more complex chords also in the distorted parts.

Is there a connection between the image of the earth in the cover and the title itself? How they connect with songs listed in the record?

Sebastien Pierre: Oh not at all, I just took the first artwork I saw on my PC. More seriously : The point of view of the cover is from an abstract ground, from an undefined planet. The round shapes on top of it represent the concept of water drops. This is the first insight, the link between water and origin of life… Of a life that once was from another realm… The rest is up to you to interpret. “Origin” title has also a meaning for us, as the start of Enshine, obviously. We’ll try to develop a sequence concept linking “Origin” to its sequels.

Although I think that the first three tracks of “Origin” are all killer-tracks, “Cinders” stands clearly on the top for the complexity and the beauty of its melodies. I have also appreciated the lyrics, very simple in its form but strongly linked to the atmosphere of the track...

Jari Lindohlm: The lyrics on this track refer to being connected to someone else´s self destructive thoughts and how they can colour your own way of thinking. The form is very simple to fit the song but that is the kind of situation that inspired the words for it.

Taking the cue from the previous question, the lyrics seems to be written with many attention respect to the music, using very simple structure but with figures of strong impact. Are they written before or after that the music has been finished to be composed?

Sebastien Pierre: Always after, in my case. Sometimes when the song is just in a sketch version, half final. All lyrics are written with dual meanings. One superficial, and a deeper one. This one may not be perceived for what it really means, and rather interpreted, but that’s the part of the game. I like people to create their own scenario.

Still talking about the lyrics, among the tracks I find quite interesting this verse quoted from the opener “Streams Of Light”: “You dream in a reverse time / You can alter the stream of all light / For above any form of attraction / And beyond every motion / Lies yourself”.

Sebastien Pierre: Interestingly lyrics on “Stream of Light” are a mix of both Jari lyrics and mine, unique on the album.

Do you think that Enshine will soon perform live or will it remain a studio project?

Jari Lindohlm: I have some very loose plans on how to make some live gigs possible after we release the second album. I don´t believe we will be doing a lot of extensive touring because of our situation with living in different countries, jobs et.c. but I would really love to be have the chance to recreate our music on stage at some point.

After a such important release, I am too curious to know if you are already working on new material. Can you make some anticipation of the new path that you are going to take?

Jari Lindohlm: Oh yes, in fact we have already completed the songs for the second album, which I am currently working with in a preproduction stage here in my studio, in preparation to start the recording this winter. It has some new elements, some parts are a bit more progressive and technical while some are quite minimalistic in comparison, so on that scale it has a greater range of variety than “Origin”. Also the way I see it the songs have more dynamics within themselves. It still has the same style of melodies and atmospheres but with some new approaches to synth sounds and experimenting with other harmonies and scales here and there. Some songs are definitely more aggressive than what you have heard from us so far.

This was the last question of the interview. As usual, I give you the task to end it in the way that you prefer.

Jari Lindohlm: I wish to conclude it in an attempt to speak Spanish so muchas Gracias por la intervista! And make sure to keep an eye out for our next album that should take form in the near future. Thanks!

Autore: KarmaKosmiK