Byelorussian band Irreversible Mechanism has recently released its debut full length “Infinite Fields”, a blasting album in which Technical Death Metal is masterfully merged with melodic orchestrations and symphonic elements. Spellbound by this release, Hypnos Webzine has taken the opportunity to get in touch with the duo to know something more about them and their music.

Hail guys and welcome to Hypnos Webzine. First of all I wanna know what made you start the band and what were the ambitions and expectations at the time. Since you are at the debut, how did you get in touch with Blood Music?

Band: Hi Hypnos Webzine, hi to everyone reading. The point when band was formed was 2012 when both of us left all of our previous projects to play music that we both liked. We didn’t try to copy any bands’ styles to avoid being second to anyone. We simply did what we liked: sincere and honest music. The way we see it: writing and playing sincerely is the main concept in Metal community. The album has been recorded in late 2013, but due to some reasons we couldn’t release it at that moment. In late 2014, with no budget for band promotion, we decided to release it by ourselves, and uploaded a part of it to Bandcamp. The day we uploaded the album we recieved four offeres from different labels, and Blood Music, an independent label, offered us good terms for us to start with and produce more music and material. As a result, our Bandcamp was closed within 12 hours of when it was opened, and reissued in physical copies in better quality on March 31st.

An interesting feature of “Infinite Fields” is that Lyle Cooper, former drummer of The Faceless, has played as guest on it. How did this collaboration start? Was he somehow involved in the making of your sound too?

Band: Drums are a very important aspect of all heavy music genres. We struggled to find the person who would fit in with us and give 100%. We listed some people we would like to work with, and most of them were busy with a lot of stuff. We made Lyle an offer and he accepted. Lyle inquisitively listened to our music, liked our album, managed to add a bit of his personal touch to the drum parties we’ve had, and recorded the combined drum parties within two weeks.

As I’ve written in the review, I have related what you’ve done to Necrophagist and Obscura but also to the symphonic approach of Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dimmu Borgir. Are they actually your influences or are there any other bands or records that you think have been much more important to the evolution of your music?

Band: The bands you have named are well-renowned, but our influnces go beyond Metal music. We really like modern classical music: Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell, etc.

Speaking about the album, the thing that I’ve appreciated the most is that all these influences come naturally into your songs, without giving the impression of being “divided” into episodes but rather emerging from time to time. What can you say about how songs come to life and how the songwriting process takes place?

Band: All the songs in “Infinite Fields” have gone through dozens of edits on each step of creation process before coming into their final shape. We wanted to make the album sound and appear as a whole, with each of the tracks having their own personal traits. As it is with most of the bands, we have built our songs around rhythms and melodies, with all of other features emerging from the base and surrounding it. Writing music is largely about sharing emotions and feeling, which cannot be repeated.

Do you think that “Infinite Fields” allows you to express Irreversible Mechanism’s true essence at its best? Which song do you think can describe you better? Are you satisfied with the final result and how the album has been hailed?

Band: We see our album as our starting point in the way to the musical universe, where there’s a lot to be discovered and found. We are very proud of “Outburst”. We believe one should always produce new and unique stuff, and to present it with class. We are happy with where we’ve gotten to and received mostly positive feedback.

At a lyrical level, what are the themes you like the most? Where does their inspiration come from?

Band: Post-apocalyptic worlds, ethereal scales that balance out all of the evil, seeing the world through the eyes of the doomed. The most inspiring topics are: nature, science, life and death.

As for your future proposals, have you already planned or written anything new? What shall we expect from your next album?

Band: Yes, we’re working on new material right now. We’re going to take a step away from our first album and try new approaches.

Since you are a duo, have you ever planned to support “Infinite Fields” with any gigs? If so, do you think that session players could become permanent members of the band sooner or later?

Band: We would really love to do live shows and concerts, but we’re still not completely free to schedule anything in short term. We’re getting ready though and would love to see all of you in person on one of our gigs. As for other musicians, when the time is right we’ll make an announcement.

Thinking about Belarus, Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxulum is the only band that comes to my mind, but mainly due to its unforgettable name. So, what can you tell us about the local Metal scene? Are you in touch with any bands?

Band: Minsk is a relatively small city, and we know most of the local bands that do great music.

Thanks for your time, last words are yours.

Band: We’d like to thank you and each and every one of our listeners for support. Follow the news, listen to music, and never give up.

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