Intrigued by the explosive formula shown in their self-titled debut EP, Hypnos Webzine has promptly contacted Lycosa and exchanged few words with their vocalist Leech.

Hail Leech, welcome to Hypnos Webzine! First of all, I want to congratulate you for your debut EP! I think the huge quantity of energy that your music emits is the first feature that emerges from this records.

Leech: Thank you! We are excited to know our music crossed seas and people enjoy it.

I think that it’s very difficult to make a precise description of your music. Brutal Death Metal mixed with some furious Thrash Metal attacks is the easiest way to describe it, even if, as I write on the review, some Nu-Metal riffs, as for example in “24 Becomes 0”, break strongly in. How do you describe your music and what’s your main goal when you write a song?

Leech: We all come from different points of view musically, but it’s INSPIRED by all things heavy. We don’t even know what to call it…it’s Lycosa. We try our best to not have the songs we just finished sound like the songs we are writing. And we try not to subconciously rip off bands that influence us.

What’s the meaning of the choice of Lycosa, a kind of spider, as band’s name? Is there anything in the figure of the spider that can be related to Lycosa’s music?

Leech: The bass player Amy is a spider nerd (she prefers enthusiast), but we feel the music is fast, powerful, raw, and potent like the wolf spider.

Another feature of your “Lycosa EP” that I have appreciated is the production, that spreads a sense of primitive wrath. In particular, I like the sound of the distorted bass, always in the first line and very powerful. Is this the sound you’ve thought for the recording or there’s something that you’d have changed?

Leech: Amy appreciates that you like the bass sound. She likes when it sounds like boulders. We feel that if you can’t do it live don’t do it in the studio. Mark Palmieri did a great job capturing us in our natural state.

How much important are lyrics for you? What are the topics you usually speak about and what are your primary sources of inspiration (“Barbara”, for example, is inspired by “Night Of The Living Dead”)?

Leech: Lyrics are written in either story or pure real life inspiration that I feel. From “Circles” (which is based on the death of a loved one) or “24 Becomes 0” (Brutal Metal love), lyrics have to have a meaning or they’re not worth screaming.

Another track that drove me out is the cover of Twisted Sister’s masterpiece “Burn In Hell”. I think that it fits very well in your destructive sound and the emanated energy of the track means that you’ve spent a lot of good time during its recording. Why did you chose this track and is there another song that you’d like to transpose into Lycosa’s style?

Leech: We picked it since it’s a classic Metal anthem (who doesn’t love “Pee Wee Big Adventure”?). We told Tree that we would cover a Megadeath song later down the road since he does not like Twisted Sister.

Are you doing many live gigs to support “Lycosa EP”? Will be there any possibility to see you on stage in Europe, especially in Italy?

Leech: Monetarily, we are kind of stuck in the eastern half of the US. We do gigs around that region for now to support the EP. Sales pay for gas and more merch. If we could make it to Europe, that would be fucking awesome! Never say never.

“Lycosa EP” is just a taste of your music. Are you writing any new songs? Do you think to mantain the same style or are you working on an evolution of Lycosa’s sound?

Leech: There will probably be a natural evolution of our sound as we keep going. The new stuff is along in the same vein but probably tighter. We just let it flow.

This was the last question of the interview. The last words are yours.

Leech: We’re lucky to have so many friends supporting us and spreading the word; The Innervenus Music Collective has been amazing. Thank you for the opportunity! Thanks to all the local bands; Pittsburgh is growing some fine homegrown music, and the harvest is looking good.

Autore: KarmaKosmiK

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