Intrigued by their astonishing debut album “Putrid Death Sorcery”, Hypnos Webzine didn’t miss the chance to talk with Necrowretch‘s mastermind, Vlad.

Hail Vlad. Let’s start from the very beginning. What made you start this journey back in 2008? What’s your story so far?

Vlad: Infernal hails! Back in 2008 the idea was to create a morbid entity to deliver a rancid Death Metal in the vein of the old school bands of the 80’s. I started the band alone, recording all among a drum machine. Then Blastphemator joined the band on drums. After three rehearsals we went to the studio to record our first demo “Rising From Purulence” (2009). Some weeks later we did our first gig and Amphycion joined the band to play the bass. Then we recorded the second demo “Necrollections” (2010), and our first EP “Putrefactive Infestation” (2011). Blasphemator wasn’t motivated to continue anymore, so he left the band. Then we took two drummers: Mörkk for the studio and Desecrator for the live. With this infernal schema we recorded the second EP “Now You’re In Hell” (2012) and the first album “Putrid Death Sorcery”.

Is there a particular reason why you haven’t a stable drummer? Does it affect somehow the writing process? How does your songs come to life?

Vlad: The thing is we live in a non metal zone, and our drummers live very far from our place. That’s why they’re not really part of the line up. But this doesn’t affect Necrowretch as we play with all our energy at each gig. For the writing process, I write all the music including drum parts, then everyone practise the song at home, and we rehearsal before the gigs.

Do you think that “Putrid Death Sorcery” allows you to express Necrowretch‘s true essence at its best? Are you satisfied with the final result and how it has been hailed?

Vlad: Yes of course. I think even the title of the album is the best words to describe Necrowretch‘s music. The only matter of this album is to bring hell, to put the listener into a world of crawling chaos and to shred his sanity. It has to be a travel for your mind, from where you don’t escape safe. For the first time in Necrowretch history, we are really satisfied of the sound, because it truly expresses our music.

Indeed I think that a title as “Putrid Death Sorcery” describes perfectly your sound, which seems to be inspired by bands like Merciless, Grotesque and early Death and Sepultura. What can you tell us about your musical influences? Are there any bands or records that you consider to have been essential for the evolution of your sound?

Vlad: You have resumed a whole part of our influence. I always was obsessed by Death‘s “Scream Bloody Gore”; for me it’s the true essence of Death Metal, all together with “Seven Churches”, “Morbid Visions”, “Severed Survival” and “Altars of Madness”. At the beginning of the band we were a lot influenced by works like Dismember‘s demos as you can hear it in the vocals (laughs). With time we became fanatics of bands such as Repugnant, Nihilist, Merciless, Anal Vomit, Marduk

Is “old school Death Metal” just a tag that can be use to describe your music or does it mean anything stronger to you?

Vlad: I think people just have to talk about “Death Metal”. The music have to talk about death, to make you puke your life to death… If it dosen’t, that’s not Death Metal…

Have you planned or performed any concerts to support “Putrid Death Sorcery”? What’s Necrowretch’s on stage dimension?

Vlad: Yes, we played a release party in Brussels last december. A video clip will soon emerge from this bloody mess. Necrowretch on stage is a lot more bestial, we just want to play at the maximum speed, without concessions!.

You have signed for Century Media Records and then you have released “Putrid Death Sorcery”. What are your immediate plans to follow? Have you already written anything?

Vlad: The rituals for a second album have began, it’ll be bestial as hell!

Thanks for your time. The last words are yours.

Vlad: Thanks for your infernal support and your dedication to the extreme music! SEE YOU IN HELL!!!!!!

Autore: Iconoclasta

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