Intrigued by their debut EP “Revering This New Chaos”, Hypnos Webzine didn’t miss the chance to talk with Nir’um’Tuk‘s mastermind, ‘N’.

Hail ‘N’. Let’s start from the very beginning. Why did you feel the need to create this project and what was your main goal?

‘N’: Hail Iconoclasta! I played drums since 2004 in a few metal bands, and I was tired of… only playing drums. I’ve been playing a little guitar, bass and keyboard since a long time, the urge to do something of my own came naturally. So my goal is pretty simple: create my musical universe, exactly how I like it, without compromising with anyone.

Is there a particular reason under the choice of Nir’um’Tuk as monicker? What does it mean?

‘N’: It doesn’t mean anything. I just like the sonority (pronounce it “nee-room-took”), and the visual of it.

Since Nir’um’Tuk has arisen from the collaboration between you and Asphodel, how do your songs come to life? Is there a reason why you don’t deal with lyrics? Do you think that Asphodel gets the emotions you want to express with the music?

‘N’: First I write all the instruments, and produce a demo version for Asphodel, so she can put herself in the atmosphere of the song when she writes the lyrics. I just give it to her, and she does her thing. We worked like that for all the songs we did so far, and I think we will always work that way. As for the reason why I don’t deal with lyrics, it’s very simple: I’m terrible at it! (laughs). I can’t do everything on my own, and I’m truly incapable of writing lyrics. My mean of expression is music, and music only. I didn’t pick Asphodel randomly, she happens to be my wife, so no one can understand better whatever I want to express with the music.

“Revering This New Chaos” seems to be inspired both by early Emperor, Satyricon and Dimmu Borgir and also a bit by Celtic Frost and Bathory. What can you tell us about your musical influences? Are there any bands or records that you consider to have been essential for the evolution of your sound?

‘N’: The main influence is clearly the Norsk Black Metal classic albums. I can’t pick one or few particular records, because there are so many. I can’t say I really feel the Celtic Frost/Bathory influence, but I get why you did. I’m also a big Thrash fan, and there is always a little bit of it when I write music, even if it’s sometimes quite understated. And I guess that part of my music universe contributes to give that old-school touch to Nir’um’Tuk.

Since there are some guests in the EP, do you think there could ever be a live show of Nir’um’Tuk?

‘N’: I’ve been trying to put together a live line-up since a couple of years. For now I’ve dropped the idea of finding a drummer, but I intend to bring on stage Nir’um’Tuk Chaos. In fact, two guitarists, two thrash-maniacs from my very first band, and a keyboard player (Fraz, who also did the artworks and logo) are working on the songs. I’ll do the bass and vocals. As for the drums… no worries, it will not be a crappy beat-box, but high quality samples. I know, it’s not the same, but as I said, we can’t do better for now. I really hope we’ll play at least one good gig in 2014.

Speaking about your future proposals, do you have anything planned? Have you already started writing anything new?

‘N’: Yes! We have written, and recorded our second EP, “And Then You DIE!”. The master is done since a few weeks, and we are already really proud of it. “And Then You DIE!” will be five songs (including an old Sepultura‘s cover) much more dark, hateful, and tormented than “Revering This New Chaos”. In fact you can already wreck your ears with two songs, on the myspace and facebook page. We (I mean, Fraz and Asphodel, all I do is give orders -laughs-) are now working on the artwork, in the meantime I try to get in touch with labels… Not the part I like most in the process of launching a release, but I’d really want to take advantage of a better exposure for this one.

Thanks for your time. The last words are yours.

‘N’: Thanks to you and Hypnos Webzine to help us spreading our primitive Chaos to the face of human scum!!!

Autore: Iconoclasta

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